Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why diets don't work!

In my journey to release the last 100 pounds I lost, I tried most - if not all diets -you may have heard of. I did lose weight on the latest and greatest diet (notice the first 3 letters? DIE), but most times gained the weight back and sometimes even more! Not only was it damaging to my body, but to my emotions as well.

What is missing in these so called diets is individuality. Not one approach is going to work for everyone. Lifestyle, blood type, heritage, stress level, career, relationship status, and much more are a factor in good health. I found balance in my life and happily have kept off those pesky 100 pounds. When I find myself putting on a couple extra pounds I know its more about what is going on in my life than what I'm putting in my mouth and sometimes they are directly related. Where I am now is a place of awareness ~ what a great place to be!

Do you find yourself stressed out when thinking about what you can and can't eat on the diet? In turn, is food all you're thinking about? The reason diets do not work is because they are not sustainable. Our bodies want balance. Denial and deprivation only lead to devouring what you took out in order to lose weight and then throws your body out of balance. OR when we're depriving ourselves we end up hoarding what we have (IE keeping weight on).

When striving for weight loss or good health know that real change takes time and the key is discovering the right approach that works for YOU. Your body has the answers, you just need a guide to help you find those answers within.

What I've also come to discover in my personal journey and working with my clients is it's not just about what we eat, but what "feeds" us. Ever notice when you're in love, food isn't as important? Do you notice when you get stressed at the office or at home you suddenly need or want a candy bar or chips? What are your triggers and stresses that cause you to eat when you really aren't hungry? Do you have a comfort food you crave when you are feeling down or lonely? Do you have a habit of heading right to the fridge or snack drawer when you walk in the door? It happens to all of us. The key to eliminating these triggers is first realizing it, then getting to the bottom of why you are triggered - all while having compassion for yourself. Love, Friendships, and self-care are just a few ways to "feed" yourself what your body is craving.

Self sabotage is another way of preventing us from long term, sustainable weight loss. For me it seems I get to a level of satisfaction & happiness and inadvertently destroy it. I'd be happy how my clothes fit or my exercise routine is going well, or I land a really great gig and suddenly I'm binging on food and stopping the gym routine. Can you relate to any form of self sabotage?

Our health isn't only about our physical beings, its about our mental and spiritual beings. If there is a part of us that isn't comfortable or in fear another part of us will kick in to protect us. I've observed people put on weight to hide, put space between themselves and their partner, to keep themselves from getting the dream job, to keep themselves from being seen by the opposite sex, to feel safe, to test their partner (will they stay for better or worse?), to keep 'fitting' in with their family or friends OR to not lose weight for fear of losing friends. These are all emotional beliefs we carry around where a part of us believes we are actually protecting ourselves.

As you can see losing weight, gaining health, and bringing balance into your life goes deeper than the bag of chips we're looking for comfort from or the endless hours of exercise and boring salads. The reassuring news is - you can regain balance, attain better health and lose the weight forever by discovering what is keeping you unhealthy and (dare I say it?) fat.

Food it meant to be enjoyed and so is Life! If any or all of this resonates with you and you are ready for long term, sustainable weight loss and better health, without discipline or denial, contact me for an initial consultation. I'd be happy to share with you more about my approach and help you uncover what your body truly desires. Its a journey well worth going on...

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