Monday, March 1, 2010

Water up the nose...

...hurts!! I'm not sure how many times water got up my nose while swimming that I finally decided I needed to plug my nose and learn to swim with one arm. Who would have thought years later I'm purposefully putting water UP my nose?!?!

Yes! The netti pot or neti pot. I'd seen it many times at the natural / health food store, but never considered it until a fellow classmate posted love for hers on her facebook page. I had been doing a cleanse and thought I should consider cleansing my sinuses as well. In the air we inhale there are many pollutants, dust, dust mites, chemicals, and other unknowns, its worth considering if you have any kind of sinus problem, blocked nose, allergies, headaches, or just want to breathe better!

It is really simple. Fill the pot with warm water and add 1/4 teaspoon of salt (I prefer sea salt - make sure the salt is dissolved - it will taste like tears), tilt your head back and to one side, firmly place the nozel into your nostril, and pour. Breathe through your mouth! The water will come out the other nostril. Once the pot is empty - firmly, but gently blow out your nose, both nostrils open and preferrably into a sink. For me, the initial feeling of water passing through my nose is a milli-second of oddness compared to the longer benefits of cleansing my sinuses. It certainly helps my yoga practice.

Some of the benefits may include:

  • opens up nasal air passages - more oxygen in the body

  • relief from allergies, hay fever, common cold

  • promotes drainage of sinuses and speeds healing of inflammed tissue

  • relieves chronic mucus

  • headache relief - got migraines?

The results are immediate and consistent use may help the body heal all on its own.

As a Health Counselor I must add in what you eat may also have an affect on your sinus health. If you produce a lot of mucus or have allergies, you may want to take a look at what you're eating. Dairy, sugar, and wheat are the top culprits...

Breathe easy!

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  1. I finally tried the netti pot and feel so much clearer and can breathe so much easier! It didnt bother me at all. This is some great self-care. Thanks for posting!