Friday, April 9, 2010

This is what happened for me!

First, mark your calendar with these dates and call me to register....this is some good stuff!

Workshop: DOWSING 101 ~ Explore the earth energies with Krista Polinsky
April 23, 6pm - 9pm and April 24, 9:30am - 4:30pm

At A Place of Healing ~ Wallingford, CT
Here is what happened - Yesterday, Krista came over and did a clearing of my home and property. I didn't know what to expect, but immediately I felt a shift in both my home and within myself. Most of you know I am an energy worker and sensitive to energies not seen with the eye. I was amazed at what Krista was able to pick up using the dowsing rod and her intuition. She confirmed some challenges I'd been having, picked up on energies in and around my house - both metaphysical and geographical from now, previous occupants, and visitors! After asking a series of questions, she cleared what was ready to be cleared. I feel lighter already!!

It was neat to observe my cat Lily follow us around the whole time - cats naturally help release negative energy (she is an amazing cat! - just sayin') and then she spent about an hour laying outside in an area that needed some extra clearing. I knew when Krista left yesterday it would be an historical day... I'm excited to see what else begins to shift in my life.

Krista is an Energy Medicine Pracitioner and Feng Shui Consultant. During the clearing she also suggested some Feng Shui adjustments to help the flow of chi in my home. I FEEL the changes we made already! Last night I slept like a baby and woke with a feeling I just can't find words for at this moment...but, I want you to feel this way too!!

Join us in this workshop and learn how you can do this for you, your home, and your property and experience the shifts in and around you.

Krista says "In essence, dowsing is a tool for helping us to expand our awareness of what exists beyond the naked eye, it’s a means to uncover and release that with which keeps us from expressing our own unique essence in the world".

In this weekend workshop you will begin learning how to locate geopathic and metaphysical disturbances in the environment and ultimately how to bring more balance back into the space. You will learn techniques on how to use a L-rod and a pendulum to locate and clear these energies. Feeling 'off' or out of balance and not sure why? Ready to release what is holding you back and express your uniqueness? Come to the workshop and know you'll get exactly what you need and intend for.

Register today and receive discounted pricing of $188, after April 16th $209. Or join with a friend and receive an additional discount! This is an incredible price for a weekend workshop where you'll leave with knowledge and tools to help you create shifts in your energy and home.

Register Today! Call Kelly Ann @ 203.687.2554 or

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