Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Relationship Mirrors

This thought came to mind last night and I wanted to share it in hopes of enlightening you or sharing more about how I think, operate, and coach.

Relationships are the largest, most intense vehicle to our personal growth.  For instance, romantic relationships come together because each of you is giving off an energetic vibration that matches each other.  What the other person has, you also have.  In the beginning each of you is seeing the best in one another.  You can not recognize in another what you don't have in yourself.  The lovely aspects you're attracted to in the other person is also the lovely aspect you have in yourself.  Embrace that. 

Additionally, as relationships grow, mature, and you get to know one another you begin to recognize in others characteristics and behaviors you may not consider so lovely.  I encourage you to embrace that as well because YOU have those characteristics and behaviors too.  You recognize them because you're familiar with them.  Embrace them as well.  As you embrace them you also embrace what you dislike in yourself.  Embracing it = self love and self acceptance.

Debbie Ford describes these characteristics within us as beach balls.  What we don't like we try to hold back, hide.  And like a beach ball you're trying to hold down under water, eventually it pops out - you can no longer hide it. 

We're all individuals coming here together to help each other learn about love, to grow, expand, and heal.  There is no part of us that is "good" or "bad".  As we evolve each of us is carrying around behaviors that we've used to protect ourselves, protect our hearts. 

If you're in relationship now or in the next one and things are uncomfortable, don't run away.  You WILL meet a similar type of person again until you've learned to love that aspect of you.  Anything the other person does to trigger or upset you is simply something for you to look at within yourself.  Do it with love and acceptance.  As you give out more love and acceptance, more love and acceptance comes your way.

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  1. Yeah. This is so true. The people we dislike or get upset with the most usually turn out to be great teachers! Does not make it easy all the time though=) Thanks for the reminder... Love and Hugs