Friday, January 7, 2011

Resolution vs Intention

I used to create resolutions at the beginning of the year, but never really seemed to stick with it for a few reasons.  Either it was too bold and not easily attainable or I simply didn't have behind me the true wanting to accomplish what I set out simply because creating a New Year's resolution is what you're supposed to do.

I prefer to set intentions.  Maybe the same thing to some, but to me intention has a different feel to it. My intention this year is To live in faith and trust.  And my theme is Success.  For me this means no matter what comes my way I know it will be for my highest good and will bring me forward in my growth in all areas of my life - physical, spiritual, emotional.

If your resolution is to lose weight, quit smoking, have less stress, exercise, get a better job, get out of debt, improve relationships, etc.  Will you consider creating a theme and intention to live by and take some pressure off yourself?  What about a theme of health and intention to respect and love your body exactly the way it is now?  Or a theme of love and intention to live with an open heart?  Or a theme of joy and intention to live this year in happiness?

Imagine what you could call into your life without boundaries of resolving to fix something.
What theme calls to you?  What intention feels right for what you want to feel in your life?

Wishing you much love, health, happiness, joy, abundance, passion, liberation, and more beyond what you have ever wished and wanted for in your life!

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  1. What a great way to look at intentions! I can't wait to pick my theme and intention, thanks Kelly Ann!